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Broxburn – Saturday 4.45pm & Sunday 5.45pm

Winchburgh – Saturday 10.00am


Preferably Saturday or Sunday early afternoon, can also take place during Mass.

Please give at least 1 months notice.

At least 1 Godparent to be practicing Catholic.

£30 donation to Building Fund preferable


Confirmation perfects our baptism and brings us the graces of the Holy Spirit that were granted to the Apostles on Pentecost Sunday.

Primary 7 Talk Sunday 22nd May 2022


Contact Parish office by email on application with 6 months notice, not during Lent unless an emergency.

The couple must contact the Registrar 6 weeks before Wedding.

Church Hall available subject to enquiry of dates.

Preferred donation for Building Fund £200

Sacraments of the sick

Contact the parish office by telephone (01506- 852040) or email (can also be contacted through the Funeral Directors).

A Requiem Mass or Funeral Service normally takes place Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday before 11am. In exceptional circumstances also at the Funeral Parlour or Crematorium.

We cannot proceed until the death certificate is published. Preferred donation for building Fund £150.00 (families with particular financial needs alternative arrangement can be made with regards to donation).